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Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to making your gait belt the best quality at an affordable price. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments.

Where are your gait belts made?

We make them ourselves, right here in the Heart of Illinois – Peoria, Illinois. Our gait belts help support our Mission: To be the premiere employer of individuals with disabilities.

What kind of buckle do you use?

We only use a nickel plated rust resistant buckle – look for pictures on our website, or email us and we would be glad to send you a picture.

Can I have just one belt personalized/imprinted?

No I am afraid not, we cannot do just one or two belts – we have a minimum quantity of 25 belts and all the imprints need to be the same art.

Can I have 25 belts personalized/imprint with different people’s names?

No I am afraid the art needs to be the same on each belt. However I have seen customers buy our cotton gait belt and take it to their local embroidery shop and have their name or initials embroidered. It might be worth a call to your local embroidery shop.

What are the available sizes?

Our standard sizes are 48”, 54”, 60” & 72”. However since we make the belts right here at PPS we can make any size needed – just ask!

Can I reference a Purchase Order number and be invoiced?

We gladly invoice our business customers. Please be sure to include the BILL TO and SHIP TO information.

Can we pay our invoice with a credit card?

We gladly accept all forms of credit cards.

Do you offer a discount?

We do offer bulk quantity discount on both imprinted and not imprinted gait belts to commercial accounts. We encourage you to call us for details. 1-888-449-BELT (2358).

Can I buy an imprinted gait belt with my college logo imprinted on it?

I am afraid we cannot do trademarked logos unless it is for the entity that owns the rights. We encourage you to ask your college bookstore to contact us and get imprinted gait belts to stock and sell in their bookstores!

Can we use our FedEx account to ship?

Fed Ex does not service our location without charging an administrative fee. We have to pass on that fee to the customer, and in most all cases, we find it is more affordable for our customers to let us ship UPS, as we only charge the actual cost of shipping, no additional fees or charges.

Can we use our UPS account to ship our order?

Absolutely. We will gladly use your account, please just provide the UPS account number when placing your order.

What is the part/item number for your gait belts?

Our part/item number is the size+type if vinyl-color. Example: 60Vinyl-blue, 48vinyl-black. If cotton it is just the size+color abbreviated. Example: 72red, 54Roy (for royal).

What should I buy for my family member who is coming home from the hospital – cotton or vinyl?

We recommend you ask your P.T. their advice, but if it was my family member, I would get cotton. The vinyl is mostly used in environments where there is infectious disease control concerns (in hospitals when the belt is used on different patients).

Can I buy one and have it shipped to a different destination?

Absolutely, we are glad to ship anywhere in the continental United States of America.

The corporate office wants to have imprinted belts made for our nationwide locations. Can you ship certain quantities to several of our locations?

We would be glad to drop ship to several locations. All we charge is the actual shipping costs, no additional handling fees. All we need is a list of where to ship and the quantities for each location, and we will send all the invoices to the main corporate office.

Still have questions?

We’re happy to help!

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