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To buy direct, call 888-449-BELT(2358) offers a wide selection of cotton and vinyl-coated gait transfer belts. All of our belts are designed for ease of maintenance and long life featuring nickel-plated, rust-resistant buckles and rivets. Individual belts are sold online at Amazon. For commercial, bulk ordering contact us at 888-449-BELT(2358) MON–FRI 8AM–4PM CST.

Vinyl Gait Belts Satin Black, Red, TruBlue
Satin Black, Scarlet, TruBlue

Easy-Clean Quality Vinyl-Coated Gait Belts

Meet critical industry requirements for easy-to-clean gait (transfer) belts—with no compromise in quality. Our 2-inch, vinyl-coated gait belts come with the same high quality nickel plated, rust-resistant hardware and rivets featured on our cotton-web gait belts.

Colors: Satin Black, Scarlet and TruBlue. Vinyl Belt Details

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